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What’s taking so long?


Question: Why is it taking until 2017 to extend SunRail service down to Osceola County?
Answer: It’s a huge job.
In addition to building four more stations – Meadow Woods, Osceola Parkway (Tupperware), Kissimmee and Poinciana, they have to lay miles of tracks because presently there is only a single track through most of those stations. You need two sets of tracks so you can safely run commuter trains northbound and southbound at the same time.
Workers have to build access roads, sidewalks, parking lots and storm water retention ponds. In Kissimmee a multi-level parking structure will go in adjacent to the station and train maintenance facility will be built near the Poinciana station. This summer crews worked on moving utility lines away from the construction. The southern extension will nearly double the length of SunRail service to 61 miles.
Keep in mind that Osceola residents can use SunRail right now by taking the LYNX special express bus Route 208 (It’s actually one of those big Mears charter buses) from downtown Kissimmee with a single stop at Shady Lane before it motors up to the Sand Lake Road SunRail station in south Orange County. Click here for more details.