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About Us

The SunRail commuter train is much more than a means of transportation –it’s a community and a lifestyle. This website is dedicated to celebrating the SunRail experience, as well as serving as a powerful advocate for improvements in service, operating hours and routes. We promote SunRail as a convenient, affordable alternative to private vehicle use that allows greater access to the metro Orlando area’s business, recreational and cultural venues.

Through SunRailRiders.com and our social media platforms, we provide an ongoing resource for news, information, events and destinations ready for exploring. As rider advocates, we actively campaign to expand SunRail service to late-night hours and weekends. Our online petition drives have so far resulted in the rehiring of the SunRail Ambassadors who assist passengers at every station, and the introduction of late-night train service. SunRailRiders.com also organized the Ride Black Friday campaign that inspired record numbers of people to ride SunRail to leisure destinations.

SunRailRiders.com is a production of David Porter Communications Inc. Our team represents a wide range of professional backgrounds and experiences – all focused on expanding the opportunities that SunRail presents for making Central Florida an even better place to live and work. SunRailRiders.com is not affiliated with SunRail or the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

The SunRailRiders.com team includes:


David Porter – SunRailRiders.com owner, writer and video production manager

Diane Glassman Kish – Web design/photo/graphics


Esther Gardner Porter

Corey Rolle

Make SunRailRiders.com part of your day

We hope you find SunRailRiders.com your home base for getting involved with the ever-growing community of SunRail riders. Visit us regularly to keep up with the latest news about SunRail, special events, fun destinations and great businesses along the route. See you on the rail!

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