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Potty break?


Question: How come there are no bathrooms at SunRail stations?

Answer: Public restrooms can attract homeless people and crime. How many times have you read press reports of unsavory X-rated activities in unsupervised public restrooms? In addition, public restrooms can be very expensive to build and maintain.

We think SunRail made the right call when the bosses decided not to include restrooms in the stations. There is at least one restroom aboard every SunRail train. The wheelchair accessible restroom is in the passenger with the number starting 20XX.

At the Sand Lake Road SunRail station you can find public restrooms in the nearby fast-food restaurants and at the enclosed Amtrak stations at ORMC and Winter Park. If you can hold it long enough, there’s also a public restroom at the Florida Hospital SunRail station in the nearby Panera’s on Rollins Street.