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#SaturdaySunRail train wrecked


Remember when we were all so excited that SunRail was going to start running trains on Saturdays?

Well, never mind.

The first #SaturdaySunRail was supposed to happen Oct. 8th, but it was cancelled because Hurricane Matthew came to Florida.

Then Team SunRail – the public-private sponsors of Saturday operations – and FDOT said the next planned #SaturdaySunRail operation won’t be until Nov. 5th. FDOT explained they are working on critical track maintenance projects on the weekends.

So after Nov. 5th, when will the next #SaturdaySunRail operation be?

Who knows.

Will there be #SaturdaySunRail for the massive Come Out With Pride festival at Lake Eola on Nov. 12?

Don’t know. FDOT’s not saying, so don’t count on it.

How about #SaturdaySunRail to support the massive Florida Classic FAMU-Bethune Cookman football showdown Nov. 19th at Camping World Stadium?

Don’t know. Don’t count on it.

So maybe we won’t be seeing you on The Rail.