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SunRail expanding to Saturday


Saturday SunRail is coming for real …with a little help from our friends.

There really is a plan to get SunRail running on Saturdays, but it’s going to need some help from us and some friends with very deep pockets.

Friday I received a letter from Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer who also serves as chairman of the SunRail Commission. In it, Dyer wrote:

“At this moment SunRail is not in a position to expand SunRail to weekends. We knew this was going to be the case for the first couple of years of SunRail’s existence. That said, accepting the status quo and letting challenges stand in our way is not what we do in Orlando. When we see opportunities to make our community stronger and increase the quality of life for our residents, we work together to craft creative, partnership-driven solutions to turn good ideas into reality. That’s precisely what some of our major businesses and community organizations are doing.…though a pilot project that will fund SATURDAY SERVICE ON SUNRAIL FROM OCTOBER THROUGH JANUARY.”

The highlighted words are his, not ours.

Dyer explained that they picked the October through January period because there are major events almost every weekend in downtown Orlando and other communities along the SunRail corridor.

Some of the groups involve in this effort, include: the Downtown Orlando partnership, the Downtown Orlando Foundation, the Downtown Development Board and some major businesses and community stakeholders.

So cutting to the chase, Dyer wrote that they want to line up businesses and individuals – hopefully you – to help sponsor this Saturday service.

The sponsorships start at $25,000 and go down to $25. Sponsors get SunRail tickets and other goodies.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon on Saturday SunRail!