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SunRail gut check needed


Time for SunRail Project Manager Tawny Olore, other FDOT managers and consultants behind SunRail, to do a serious gut check.

Are they building SunRail for fun? Or are they building SunRail to provide a valuable service for our community?

This past spring when Ms. Olore welcomed members to the first SunRail Customer Advisory Committee meeting, she said “we built it for you all…” (Click here to see her exact words.)

Unless Ms. Olore’s words were just fluffy happy talk, why have she and her colleagues shrugged off repeated train schedule recommendations from the Customer Advisory Committee to increase ridership? (Click here for the committee’s recommendation.)

Instead, Ms. Olore and her FDOT team are pushing ahead with a train schedule change that will do nothing to make SunRail any more attractive to hundreds of early-morning workers, including caregivers at Florida Hospital and ORMC who might be willing to ride the train if it fits into their schedule. Surely SunRail wants all the riders it can get. We sure do.

Rafael Amaya, one of our Facebook fans wrote: “It’s as if they have a vested interest in seeing this fail.”

Sort of makes you wonder…

Ms. Olore and her team say there is no money available to adopt the schedule recommended by the Customer Advisory Committee. Funny, that’s the same reason FDOT gives for not providing weekend SunRail service even though it is widely requested by the Central Florida community.

Nobody wants to hear more excuses from FDOT. Figure it out. Get it done. That’s your job.