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SunRail passenger coaches are better than Tri-Rail

The Tri-Rail passenger coaches are very similar to the ones we ride on SunRail.
But we like the SunRail coaches better.

The Tri-Rail high-back passenger seats seem to have higher backs than SunRail, and they have adjustable armrest between seats. SunRail has more tables on the upper deck of our passenger coaches. And like SunRail, Tri-Rail coaches have restrooms. In addition, Tri-Rail coaches have a drinking-water cooler with disposable cups outside the restroom.

Like SunRail, the Tri-Rail coaches are clean. In fact, near the end of the southbound run on Tri-Rail, a custodial worker came through the coach picking up scraps of paper and cleaning the restroom while the train was still rolling with passengers. This ensured that the train would be clean and ready before the train began its northbound run. We did, however, notice that some of the passenger seats were showing signs of wear.

Despite all this, we like SunRail better for one very special amenity we use that doesn’t exist on Tri-Rail….free Wi-Fi service. Their trains don’t have Wi-Fi, but Tri-Rail plans to add that feature in the future.