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Weekend SunRail


Question: Why doesn’t SunRail run on weekends?

Answer: So we would have something to beef about.

Just kidding. The simple answer is that currently SunRail doesn’t have money in the budget to operate on weekends. SunRail managers estimate they would need more than $5 million to pay for weekend operations.

SunRail was conceived as a commuter rail train to give people an alternative to driving I-4 during weekday rush hours while the interstate is being overhauled. Weekend service was not part of the original plan.

Like you, we think weekend service would be wildly popular, however the fare box will not generate enough money to cover all the expenses of weekend operation including salaries, fuel, etc. We’ve been lobbying for weekend service since last year and we’re still at it. During a recent SunRail Commission meeting Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said that by the time SunRail connects to Orlando International Airport — anticipated to be in 2020 — weekend SunRail will be essential.