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What time is it?


Avid SunRail rider Jack Taylor has a simple question: What time is it?

Jack explains that he rides his bike to the Lake Mary SunRail station and locks it in the bike rack. The way the station is arranged he has to cross the tracks to the bike rack and cross the tracks again to catch his train. He sometimes worries that he doesn’t have enough time, but he doesn’t know because there’s no clock in the station giving the official SunRail time.

Jack’s request is a simple one. Why can’t SunRail post the time on the high-tech digital sign boards in every station? As Jack wrote: “A simple clock is so obvious that it seems ridiculous to ask.”

Actually, Jack, it’s not ridiculous. So what’s up SunRail? How hard can it be to add the time to the electronic sign boards?

By the way many people don’t wear watches. And even if you do, if your watch isn’t synchronized to SunRail time, it’s worthless when you’re trying to catch the train.