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Why SunRail ridership declined?

The SunRail bosses are at a loss to explain why there was a ridership decline in August.

Wish we had a good answer, but we noticed that the ridership decline corresponds with SunRail’s decision to layoff the platform Ambassadors who were hired to answer questions and assist SunRail riders. In addition, Ambassadors helped ensure safety and enforce rules – such as no-smoking on platforms — at SunRail stations.

All the riders we know say the Ambassadors — who wore black monogrammed golf shirts — were extremely helpful. SunRail bosses don’t think Ambassadors were needed anymore. Now riders are on their own.

Unsure which platform to wait on to catch the train to Longwood?

Too bad.

Having problems getting a SunRail ticket from a vending machine?

So sorry.

Who knows, maybe a SunRail boss will drop by to answer your questions.